Solar Soul Balancing your mind, body and spirit

Solar Soul

Balancing your mind, body and spirit

Staying grounded and in alignment can be a challenge in today’s world, it can be tricky to stay consistently balanced and feel your best. Solar Soul offers guidance, support, healing, channelling, courses, workshops, 1:1 and group classes to help you address issues and teach techniques to assist you maintaining your own internal and external balance.

Would you like to feel inner peace, reconnect to your authentic self and realise your soul’s potential? Would you like to live a more conscious and enlightened life?

Solar Soul, originally Transform You Health and Wellness, was established to help you with your health and assist you on your enlightenment journey. Using a range of techniques and channelled energies that I have discovered on my own personal journey, I will work with you to discover what is needed for the highest good.

I also provide 1:1 sessions for animal healing and communication, allowing them to express their needs, helping them to heal.

My Story

For over 10 years, I have been able to support people and animals who feel they are in need of restoring balance to their mind, body and spirit.