Meditation Classes

Dates and Times

Meditation classes would normally take place every two weeks. However, due to the recent events and restrictions online classes will be commencing soon.

1:1 outdoor sessions can be booked.

During meditation sessions, I hold the space for you to safely submerge yourself in the beautiful healing energies of the Archangels and Ascended Masters and other light beings who will naturally connect to help you with what is needed in that moment. Each experience is unique to each of you.

In addition to relaxation, the high energies may help to:
– Connect with your guides, helpers and animal guides
– Receive attunements to assist in raising your vibration and consciousness allowing you to fulfil more of your divine potential
– Healing for the physical, mental and emotional you
– Clearing and healing for DNA, trauma, past lives, aura, chakras and attachments
– Helps with all mental health, emotional and physical conditions
– Ground and centre
– Heal the planet
You may also receive:
– Guidance from oracle cards and crystals
– Channelled messages
All abilities welcome.
Online sessions will be 7pm to 8.30pm Tuesdays.
Online daytime session coming soon.
Self investment £10 for online.
Self investment for a 1:1 outdoor session at a sacred space near Wimborne £25.

Please contact me here for the next available date or call me on 07717 66 44 80.

Solar Soul Meditation Classes

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