My Story

Terri Spencer

For over 10 years I have been able to support people and animals who feel they are in need of restoring balance to their mind, body and spirit. I have loved watching people grow in their spiritual development and progress with their Soul’s journey.

From an early age I knew I was an old soul with a purpose. I was always aware of being connected to the earth, animals, spirit and other universal energies, communicating with them without realising it.

My own health journey enabled me to learn a lot to be able to help others. I had M.E. triggered from the age of 4, which got so bad that 10 years later I was unable to attend school and slept for 2 years. Now I love sleep, but I also love life and I struggled for years into adulthood. In 2010 I had a transforming accident, which led me to develop as a Reiki practitioner and teacher which also helped me heal. A couple of years later I was guided to attend, what I consider to be a life changing course, that enabled me to heal myself. That course was Transformational Bodywork which I now teach. My health journey has also enabled me to learn much about nutrition and mental health issues, which has become valuable when helping others. In addition to my teachings, I am always guided to what each individual needs.